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Martin Broome, Bsc, MSc
Principal  Engineer and Managing Director – CA; FIMMM; MEIZ

Martin Broome, Managing Director of African Mining Consultants founded AMC in 1994 following a 25 year career with ZCCM in the Zambian Copperbelt. Martin, an MSc graduate in Rock Mechanics from Imperial College London, progressed to being the Group Rock Mechanic Engineer for ZCCM until 1989. Following this Martin was involved in project management for the Baluba and Chambishi mining projects before initiating AMC where he has overseen open pit and underground rock mechanics design projects, feasibility studies for large and small scale open pit and underground mining projects; mine audits, due diligence and competent person’s reports, mining methods, backfill and rock mechanics studies, government and parastatal mining company privatisations and environmental auditing and project management.
Dr Chris John, PhD
Senior Consulting Metallurgist – MIMMM; FEIZ; CE (UK)

Dr Chris John has over 30 years experience in mineral processing in the Central African Copperbelt. Following graduation from the University of Birmingham, Chris undertook his PhD at the Mining Engineering department in Newcastle University before joining ZCCM in Kitwe, Zambia. After an extensive 25 year career with ZCCM, Chris became an independent consulting metallurgist in the Central African Copperbelt including work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More recently Chris has been involved in the control of metallurgical test work and process design work (at GRD Minproc and DRA Projects, Johannesburg, South Africa) for three copper projects: Mwambashi and Konkola North in Zambia, and Kalumines in D.R Congo) (African Rainbow Minerals/Teal Mining and Exploration Inc.). Most recently Chris has co-ordinated the control of metallurgical test work (at Mintek, S.A) and process design work (at GRD Minproc, S.A.) leading to a Definitive Feasibility Study for the Deziwa copper-cobalt project in DRC (Platmin Congo sprl).

Edwin Mukonka, Bsc (Hons)
Senior Consulting Mining Engineer (Surpac Resource & Mine Planning) – Reng, MEIZ

Edwin has over 8 years experience in the mining industry in Southern Africa following graduation from the University of Zambia. He has extensive experience in Surpac software more especially in open pit mine design and optimisation with whittle, underground mine design and solid modelling, ring design, drill and blast design, geological and resource modelling. Edwin’s main duties currently include: geology and drill hole database modelling, open pit optimisation and mine design (open pit and underground, resource estimation and mine audits, short and long term mine scheduling and planning, marketing and Surpac software sales and training of mining personnel in the use Surpac software

Paul Hadlum, Bsc (Hons)
Data Management and Digital Models (Surpac - Resources & IT Services)

A graduate from the University of Leeds, UK, Paul has three years of professional exploration experience in Africa having worked in the Central African Republic for Axmin Inc and most recently in the Central African Copperbelt. Paul has working knowledge of greenstone Au, magmatic Ni-Cu-Co and Stratiform Cu-Co and is practiced in regional and detailed mapping programs, Rotary Air Blast (RAB), Air Core (AC), Reverse Circulation (RC) and diamond drill programs; soil, termite mound and drainage geochemistry sampling and interpretation.

Software Applications
- Surpac Vision Software
- GIS software: ArcView GIS; Geosoft Target, Micromine 10.1, MapInfo 9.0 - Adobe suite - Office suite

Masauso Mumba, BSc
Consulting Mining Engineer/Resource Management

A graduate from the University of Zambia, and 5 years experience in resource and mine engineering, Masauso has a strong knowledge of resource management combined with short and long term mine planning. With experience from First Quantum, Chalanga Cement, Metorex and various other projects, he is able to act as a link to the mining contractor and specifically control all the unit operations with timely production of mine plans, reports which include but not limited to; daily dig plans, weekly, monthly and annual plans, budgets and resource targeting. His mining experience ranges from copper-gold, copper-cobalt and industrial minerals mining.

Alfred Mutale, BEng
Mining Engineer

Alfred, a graduate from the University of Copperbelt, Kitwe, Zambia, received his degree in rock mechanics in 2010. Alfred has worked for AMC for the past 5 years working both on the Central African Copperbelt in the DRC and Zambia in addition to Mozambique. Alfred has conducted geotechnical logging, processing and analysis of results for numerous projects in the Central African Copperbelt including Lumwana, Konkola Deep Mine Project (underground), Nchanga open pit, the Munali Nickel Project, the Tete Coal Project in Mozambique, Kisanfu and Deziwa open pit projects in the DRC in addition to most recently the Frontier Copper Open Pit in DRC. Alfred is able to conduct in-pit mapping, core logging, geotechnical plans and cross-sections on site. Alfred is experienced in using SLIDE, SWEDGE and DIPS software for data analysis.

Arthur Mwape, BSc
Rock Engineer

Arthur received his degree in applied geology at the University of Lubumbashi in 2003. He subsequently worked on Tiger Resources projects between 2004-2006 overseeing exploration drilling and supervision of drilling contractors. From 2006 to 2010, Arthur worked at Frontier Mine in the DRC for First Quantum Minerals Ltd. As part of his duties he completed open pit structural mapping and over 20,000m of geotechnical core logging, analysis of geotechnical data, in pit daily geotechnical logging activities including the management of slope stability and report and geotechnical weekly risk map ratings.
More recently Arthur has completed a course on Rock Mass Classification in Rock Engineering at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

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